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The Trigger Card

In CORE’s service area, these guidelines are outlined on trigger cards that are distributed by CORE staff.  You can download a copy below.  A different version is available for pediatric cases. The clinical triggers apply to patients on ventilator support.

A patient that meets any of the criteria on the card should be referred to CORE.  It is important that contact with CORE be initiated before extubating any patient to enable CORE to assess donor potential.

  • Refer all patients regardless of age or medical history
  • Call CORE prior to deceleration of life sustaining treatment


  • Mention donation or CORE to the family before contacting CORE
  • Begin extubation before contacting CORE

All deaths that occur in the hospital must be reported to CORE within one hour. That means that patients who were not on the ventilator, or who died suddenly must be referred immediately. This is very important to preserve the option of tissue donation.

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