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Nicole Moore Case Study

Jasmine “Nicole” Moore lost control of her car on Route 119 in Logan County, West Virginia on September 14, 2012.  She was 26 years old and engaged to be married.  She suffered a massive head injury.

Passing cars called 911.  Before the paramedics arrived on site, her fiancée, who had been traveling not far behind, came upon the accident.  He climbed in the car with Nicole and her last words to him before she lost consciousness were, “I love you.”  

Paramedics assessed her injuries and decided to life-flight her to Charleston Area Medical Center, a Level-1 Trauma Unit.  The only place to land a helicopter was a nearby high school football field, where the Friday night game was well underway.

Upon arrival at the hospital, it was determined that she had massive brain swelling.  The emergency room staff called in a referral to CORE at that time as she met many of the triggers for imminent death.  Nicole was placed in a medically-induced coma and monitored throughout the weekend, but made no improvement.  She never regained consciousness and was declared brain dead on Sunday, September 16.  

Nicole had previously designated herself as an organ donor through the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  Rebecca Shrader, the CORE Organ Procurement Coordinator, informed her family of her wishes soon after receiving the pronouncement of death.  Nicole’s young age and general good health allowed her to donate both lungs, her liver, both kidneys, both corneas, and tissue.  Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, it was not possible to transport Nicole’s heart within the time constraint, so it was not donated.  

Nicole’s mother, Lisa Johnson, has taken much comfort from her daughter’s donation, and has embraced the mission of promoting organ and tissue donation.  She frequently speaks and organizes organ donation awareness events throughout West Virginia.